Heit Torma is a handcrafted and hand-packed, premium horseradish from the very Easthern part of Hungary, Létavértes. 

We grow horseradish on our own crop land and take the freshest and highest-quality roots, fruits and vegetables to create a product that is as healthy as delicious with complex flavours. Its greatness lies in its simpliness. We don’t use any preservatives to save the natural health benefits of our product.



-Prepared Horseradish: original, traditional, hot

-Horseradish with beets: fresh grated and anti-bacterial

-Horseradish  with Garlic: hot and exciting

-Horseradish with Chili paprika: extra hot and popular

-Horseradish with Mustard seeds: crunchy duo

-Horseradish with Honey: Sweet and healthy

-Horseradish with Apple: soft and creamy

All flavours can be ordered in sugar-free variation as well.


has more vitamin C than an orange

contains absolutely no fat or cholesterol

is uber-rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants

lowers blood pressure

is a powerful aphrodisiac.


Horseradish and Wine?

In the heart of the region of Érmellék, the resurrection of two ancient cultures has started: one is the organic grapes growing, the other is the culture of making quality product horseradish.

Thanks to the small, inherited vineyard of the Heit family in Bihardiószeg, we grow grapes, living in the hope of resurrecting the culture of drinking Bakator wine. After the Phylloxera epidemic in the late 19th century, our family planted Bakator grapes back to its original crop land, 150 years later.

Our main goal is to follow our ancestor’s guidance on their ancient land.

Lorand Heit



More information:

Szilvia Szilágyi Heitné